Chloe Grace Moretz: ‘Watching my gay brothers suffer was awful’

Kickass star Chloe Grace Moretz has spoken out about the bullying her gay brothers have endured.

Moretz was 11 when her gay brothers, Trevor Duke-Moretz and Colin Moretz, came out.

Chloe Grace Moretz: ‘Watching my gay brothers suffer was awful’

She explained to Nylon magazine “At 11, you’re incredibly observant and realizing what society is, and who you are,

“…and people are kissing boys or girls for the first time, and you’re really starting to understand what sexuality is. And to see my brothers struggle with the anxiety of having to come out was awful.”

The actor went on to explain that her brothers experiences pushed her towards challenging homophobic and transphobic views.

“People would call them the F-word, and I would get so angry,” she said

“It was really hard to see my brothers be hated on or bullied, so I stood up for them. We shouldn’t be using these terms to create more labels and segregate us further apart than we already are. At a young age, I was motivated to fight for gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights—all human rights.”

She also talked about her progressive upbringing, where she was raised by her mother and four brothers, who she refers to as her “four dads.”

“Back when my mom was in college, when things were more taboo, she had lots of gay and trans friends, people of all shapes, sizes, and colors,”

“So we were a very open household.”

This is not the first time Moretz has discussed the struggles her brothers have faced. Two years ago she talked about how she will not tolerate homophobic online messages about her brothers.