Portugal just equalised its adoption laws for gay couples

Same-sex couples are getting equal adoption rights in Portugal, as new laws just passed in the country’s Parliament.

The new laws approved today, will also allow lesbian couples to receive medically assisted fertilisation.

The Left-wing parties in Portugal’s Parliament used their majority to ensure the bills passed on Friday, in line with campaign promises by the Socialist, Communist and Left Bloc parties.


Adding to a law passed in 2013 which allowed gay couples to adopt their partner’s children, this law goes further to equalise adoption rights for gay couples.

As well as the new rights for same-sex couples, the Parliament also removed charges in hospitals for voluntary abortions up until the 10th week of pregnancy.

For a woman to have an abortion it was previously necessary for mandatory counselling to take place, but this will no longer be required.

Voting numbers were not immediately published, but the Speaker of Portugal’s Parliament announced that the bills had passed.