Kim Davis lawyer compares the US to Nazi Germany… again

The lawyer representing anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has compared the US under Barack Obama to Nazi Germany yet again.

Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, was briefly jailed earlier this year after she defied court orders to stop blocking same-sex marriage.

She is represented by outspoken Christian lawyer Mat Staver – whose group the Liberty Counsel is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Staver was previously condemned by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League for comments comparing Davis to Jews in the gas chambers.

However, despite outrage at his previous comments, the lawyer has made more Nazi comparisons – claiming the Obama administration is an “oppressive regime” like Hitler’s.

In an email to supporters, he wrote: “We are living under an oppressive regime that is pushing America’s Christians into a ‘spiral of silence.’

“German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann coined the term ‘spiral of silence’ Noelle-Neumann began her career working for a newspaper during Hitler’s era.

“She found that people conceal their views when they think they are in the minority or may face reprisal for their beliefs. Of course, the spiral of silence had devastating results in Nazi Germany.

“Silencing people of faith in the public square has always been the goal of those who realize the influence that pastors, churches, and people of faith have on elections and the culture.

“We have countless times seen and experienced the oppression of America’s churches, ministries, and Christian believers by the Obama administration’s use of the Department of Justice, the IRS, and even non-government organizations like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Canter [sic].

“It’s time to stand against this oppression! Pastors and Christian leaders must cast off fear, remove their muzzles, and replace them with a megaphone. We need to stop the “spiral of silence” in America induced by the Obama administration to mute the voices of their adversaries.

He added: “We MUST recapture our government, our culture, and our freedom from the clutches of tyrannical leadership, rampant socialism, and moral relativism.

“Liberty Counsel believes God’s answer for America is going to come through her committed Christian pastors and other church leaders in every community and state in our nation.”

The new Governor of Kentucky previously promised to re-write the state’s marriage laws to help out his friend Kim Davis.