School bans book about trans student after threats from hate group

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A school has cancelled readings of ‘I Am Jazz’ following pressure hate group the Liberty Counsel.

An elementary school in the US has been forced to cancel readings of a book about a trans student.

The Mount Horeb Area School District had sent a letter to parents of students at the school announcing its plans to read the book to students last week.

School bans book about trans student after threats from hate group

“We believe all students deserve respect and support regardless of their gender identity and expression, and the best way to foster that respect and support is through educating students about the issue of being transgender,” the letter read.

The school explained that they wanted to read the book in order to help a trans student at the school to live as her “authentic self,” according to the Capital Times.

The book is based on the real-life transgender teenager, Jazz Jennings.

However, the school has been forced to scrap its plans, after anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel threatened to sue them.

The recognised hate group said that a reading of the book would “violate parental rights” after it was contacted by “concerned parents.”

The school district said it would now give the Board of Education the chance to address the situation – as the district currently has no policy regarding the issue.

Jennings, now 14, has identified as female since her early childhood.

The teen – who has racked up millions of views for video I Am Jazz on YouTube – also heads a skincare campaign for Clean & Clear that celebrates diversity.

Sadly, this is not the first time she has received criticism for sharing her story.

One Million Moms – the right-wing protest group – recently attacked a reality show featuring the teen star.

School bans book about trans student after threats from hate group

The group – which does not have one million members (false advertising, anybody?) – claimed that the TLC show ‘I am Jazz’ was “attempting to normalise the transgender lifestyle and make it appear OK while using a young cast member to lure a young audience.”

It also claimed TLC was “attempting to desensitise America’s youth,” before attacking Jazz’s parents for supporting her transition “instead of giving guidance to the confused child.”