Boston based drag artist has throat slashed after leaving gay bar

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A Boston based drag artist has been brutally assaulted after a dispute over a jukebox.

Michael Fontana was using the jukebox at the Alley gay bar in Boston, when three men unplugged it. The men were asked to leave, but waited outside for Fontana and attacked him.

Boston based drag artist has throat slashed after leaving gay bar

Fontana says he was beaten until he lost consciousness. It is unknown whether the police have any suspects.

He has since set up a GoFundMe page to cover lost earnings, where he told his story.

“They slashed my throat, broke my shoulder and crushed my phone so that I couldn’t call 911.

“They continued to beat me. The next thing I remember my friend found me and the police were there. I spent the night in the ER where they told me if my throat wound were a cm off I’d be dead,

Fontana says that asking for money is “humiliating” but he currently has no choice as he is unable to leave the house, saying “I cant shop for myself, cook for myself, I have no phone and I can’t make my shirts (my business).

“I hate asking for help but I am at this point terrified to leave my home.”

Fontana’s GoFundMe has reached $2,320 after just 18 hours, just under halfway towards the $5000 goal.

In an update, Fontana says he is about to receive a new phone and is receiving medical treatment, but has had to clean the wound himself since the attack.

“It looks worse than it is. Im very lucky!” he said.

You can donate to Fontana’s GoFundMe here.