UKIP councillor insists ‘lots’ of people believe gays will cause the apocalypse

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A senior UKIP politician has weighed in to defend a boxer who claimed homosexuals will bring about the apocalypse – by insisting “lots” of people share his views.

Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury has controversially been nominated for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award – after claiming that homosexuality and paedophilia will bring about the apocalypse.

Police are currently investigating a hate crime complaint against the boxer – who has also claimed that sex with children was legalised by a fictional ‘Gay Rights Act 1977’.

Members of the UK Independence Party have leapt to the boxer’s defence, with a senior politician insisting that “lots” of people share Fury’s views.

Fury’s comments linking gays and paedophiles were put to Cllr Peter Reeve, UKIP’s Local Government spokesman, during an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

He insisted the boxer’s comments should be allowed, adding: “There’s an awful lot of people out there who genuinely believe what Tyson said, because they are fundamental Christians. I respect them for that.
UKIP councillor insists ‘lots’ of people believe gays will cause the apocalypse
“I don’t necessarily agree with all of those opinions, but I respect them, and I want them to say what their true thought is.

“The reality is lots of people are thinking that, but are terrified to say it in public.”

The Cambridgeshire County Councillor said: “We believe passionately in freedom of speech, where if someone feels something, if they believe it – it’s their opinion, they should be absolutely entitled to say it, no matter what it is or who it offends.

“Equally [feminists] should have the right to debate against it, feel offended and react accordingly.

“We think society would be much healthier if people didn’t quietly close the door and speak amongst friends what their true opinions were – we’d rather they said them, so people could be judged on them.”

A UKIP spokesman said that Mr Reeve was speaking “for himself and not the party” during the interview.

He told PinkNews: “We support Mr Fury’s right to free expression but do not support any thought that homosexuality and paedophiles are in any way linked.”