Etsy HQ makes bathrooms trans-friendly in an awesome way

Online crafts commerce company Etsy is ensuring its bathrooms are trans-friendly with these awesome signs.

The global internet company, which is based in Brookyln, New York City, made changes to its bathrooms following national ‘controversies’ over trans people.
Etsy HQ makes bathrooms trans-friendly in an awesome way
The city of Houston voted down an LGBT rights law last month, after lobbyists claimed it allowed ‘men’ into women’s bathrooms – and the claim has also been parroted by Republican Presidential candidates.

However, Etsy put up a sign affirming the rights of people to use whichever bathroom they feel safer in.

The sign says: “While the law requires gender binary signs on the doors, we believe that gender is not binary.

“Please use the restroom that feels most comfortable to you.”

Developer Sara Bobo tweeted: “Super proud of Etsy today for making our bathrooms as gender-neutral as state law allows.”

New York State requires all toilets to be designated male or female – while New York City also requires public toilets in buildings.

The Obama administration recently spoke out in favour of a trans boy in Virginia – after he was banned from using male toilets.

16-year-old Gavin Grimm of Gloucester County High School in Virginia had found himself discriminated against last year – when his school board ordered him to stop using the male toilets.

Grimm and his family had taken legal action against the high school over the decision, claiming it was a violation of his rights to force him into the wrong bathroom.

The teen found powerful allies – as two federal government departments filed an amicus brief backing up the teen.

The Departments of Education and the Justice filed a strongly-worded 40-page brief, standing up for Grimm and the rights of trans teens across the country.