Margaret Cho says it’s fine to make jokes about Paris massacre

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The comedian says that she thinks humour is the best way to deal with tragedy.

Although many people are still reeling from the events that took place in the French capital last month, Margaret Cho says she thinks it is fine to make jokes about the Paris atrocities.

Margaret Cho says it’s fine to make jokes about Paris massacre

However, the stand-up claims that her aim is not to offend anybody and that she has nothing but “love and compassion” for the victims of the attacks.

“I’m talking a lot right now about Paris and Beirut,” she said in an interview to promote her show psyCHO in London.

“I have so much compassion and love towards the city and all of the victims. I feel that you have to find a way to talk about things with compassion with a mind towards peace.”

“You can make mean jokes too soon. That’s certainly possible and that happens a lot on Twitter where people say insensitive things right after they happen.”

Explaining her motives, the comic said that it is fine to approach such subjects with humour, but only if you do so with a “political and passionate mind.”

“I’m not that kind of an artist. I have much more of a political mind and compassionate mind when it comes to dealing with tragedy and I think we need to have a new way of looking at peace, so my show is all about that.”

In a recent Facebook post, the bisexual actress described some of the troubling homophobic encounters she has been involved in – both on and offline.

“I’ve experienced numerous breaches of security, a couple of very troubling face to face interactions and so much online trolling I can’t help but believe it’s all somehow connected,” she wrote.

The comic went on to warn her followers of the danger some internet trolls may pose – and how people should any threats or abuse they receive seriously.

Margaret Cho says it’s fine to make jokes about Paris massacre

A series of attacks took place in the French capital in November, with coordinated bomb and gun attacks claiming the lives of over a hundred people.

The death count rose to 130, with hundreds more injured following the killings across the city at restaurants, a rock concert and a football match.

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