Reagan’s daughter: My dad would be appalled by current Republican candidates

Ronald Reagan’s daughter has said her father would be “appalled” at some of his party’s current positions.

Reagan was President from 1981 until 1989 – and is reviled by many LGBT activists for his neglect of the AIDS crisis.

However, his daughter  Patti Davis has previously said she believes her father would support same-sex marriage if he were alive today – and confirmed that her mother Nancy Reagan does.

Speaking to SiriusXM, Davis voiced disapproval of the current Republican Presidential field – six of whom have pledged to repeal LGBT rights protections, and some of whom want to repeal equal marriage.

Ms Davis spoke about the tendency of Republicans including Ted Cruz to invoke her father’s legacy.

She said: “It may be this week he’s doing it more than the others. But they all kind of do it. But yet, they are so not like him.

WMy father would be so appalled at what’s going on…. he would be so appalled at these candidates. I don’t think he would be a Republican.

“And if another Ronald Reagan came along right now, I don’t think the Republican Party would accept him.”

Of her mother Nancy Reagan, Ms Davis added: “She was very happy about that [same-sex marriage] decision.

“I don’t talk to her too much about politics currently.

“She’s 94 and I think she has the right to live out the rest of life with a little bit of peace, which cannot be found in the current political scene!

“But you know, I don’t think she’s too happy about anybody on the current roster right now.

“I mean, there’s nobody presidential. Not in that group anyway.”

Listen to the clip below