‘Queen of Ireland’ Panti Bliss gives emotional Christmas speech (VIDEO)

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The drag star’s ‘touching’ speech gained a huge reaction from Irish audiences.

Panti Bliss went head-to-head with Queen Elizabeth yesterday, as she delivered her own special Christmas message.

‘Queen of Ireland’ Panti Bliss gives emotional Christmas speech (VIDEO)

The self-styled ‘Queen of Ireland’ rose to prominence this year after she helped garner support for same-sex marriage ahead of a referendum held across the country in May.

Highlighting the importance of the referendum, Panti said the vote was the first time the Irish people had been asked “whether or not LGBT people are full and equal members of this society and deserving of the same respect as everyone else.”

She went to praise those who voted yes, before saying that she hoped those who did not “come to realise their concerns were unfounded and come to agree with the rest of us.”

Panti went on to ask the people of Ireland to “stop fearing change” and to have the courage to support those who need it.

“LGBT people aren’t the only ones for whom we have failed to live up to the promise of cherishing all the children of the nation equally,” she said.

She referenced the homeless, living on the streets, the elderly stranded in hospital corridors, the disabled and mentally ill and women among some those who need the increased support of the Irish people.

“The kind of change we need to make to live up to the promise to cherish all the children of the nation equally may seem daunting, but if May 22nd taught us anything, it’s that if we feel strongly enough about something, and if we work together, we can achieve incredible things,” she said.

“We can move mountains.”

Viewers later took to Twitter to praise the star’s speech.

“Bravo @PantiBliss #queenofireland,” wrote one viewer.

‘Queen of Ireland’ Panti Bliss gives emotional Christmas speech (VIDEO)

“7 odd mins to illustrate how changing attitudes in Ireland is achievable. Lots more of this please.”

Another viewer highlighted how far the country had come in recent years.

“In the UK a 90 year old queen is addressing the nation,” he added.

“In Ireland a drag queen is addressing the nation. We’ve come so far. #QueenofIreland”

Watch the video below.