Greek MP asks for God’s forgiveness for voting in favour of gay civil partnerships

A Greek MP has asked God’s forgiveness because he voted for a measure to legalise same-sex civil partnerships.

Dimitris Konstantopoulos, who voted in favour of the bill, appears to have regretted his decision.

“I personally feel this as a confession. We voted the covenant in Parliament. I asked for two articles to be scrapped and indeed the one concerning adoptions [by same-sex couples] was removed.

“One provision was passed and this saddens me. It received my backing too,” he said at a charity event, according to local media.

He continued: “God forgive me. This weighs heavy on me. Please pray for God to forgive me.”

The bill allows same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships, and allows much-needed legal recognition for same-sex relationships.

Same-sex couples in Greece began entering into civil unions on Monday (January 25) after legislation passed in December came into effect.

The first civil union ceremony conducted was by Athens Mayor Kaminis and was between an unnamed male couple – a doctor and a teacher.

“As the first day that the law is being implemented, today is very important for civil rights in Greece and the country’s compliance to international reality,” Kaminis said during the ceremony.

The Greek parliament voted in favour of ‘cohabitation pacts’ for same-sex couples last month.