Tyson Fury escapes punishment for comparing gay people to paedophiles

The world boxing champion’s comments caused outrage among many, yet he will face no disciplinary action.

Tyson Fury will face no punishment from the British Boxing Board of Control for his controversial remarks relating to homosexuals and women.

The self-titled ‘Gypsy King’ was reminded of his “heavy responsibilities” and warned against making any non-boxing comments in future.

He was summonsed to explain himself to the BBBoC after he made a series of bizarre, anti-gay outbursts – leading to intense criticism from the public and fellow athletes.

However, the board concluded that the boxer had not broken any laws and is entitled to free speech.

“Tyson Fury has made comments in the media that have caused offence to members of our society,” a statement read.

“However, there is no suggestion that he has broken the law by exercising his right to freedom of expression.

“In such circumstances, the stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control have been advised that it cannot interfere with his basic human rights.

“Having said that, the stewards of the board have made it clear to him that as world heavyweight champion, arguably the holder of the most prestigious title in sport, there are heavy responsibilities upon him to avoid making controversial, non-boxing comments,” it added.

“He has assured the stewards that he understands the responsibilities upon him and has expressed regret that he has caused offence to others, which was never his intention.”

The heavyweight champion has consistently refused to apologise for claiming that once homosexuality, paedophilia and abortion are all made legal, the world will end.

Asked by the BBC to respond to critics of his views, and the fact that he has been stripped of his title, he said: “I’ve got lots to tell you. Believe in the lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”

The boxer also claims to have “evidence” that paedophilia was legalised by a fictional ‘Gay Rights Act 1977’.