Pro boxer James Hawley wants to watch ‘girls get with each other’, but says gay men and trans people are ‘dirty c**ts’

British boxer James Hawley suffered stinging criticism after launching a vile attack on LGBT+ people on TikTok. (Screen captures via Facebook)

British professional boxer James Hawley weathered intense criticism after a TikTok video where he spewed vile homophobic and transphobic comments went viral.

In the video, shared online by Drag Race UK star Baga Chipz Wednesday afternoon (22 July), it shows Hawley, 21, respond to a comment asking whether he “support LGBT [sic]” on his since-deleted TikTok account.

“I a thousand and million per cent do not agree with this, no,” he said, according to the footage, before launching a vile takedown of queer men and trans folk, dubbing them “dirty c***s”.

However, Hawley, who is ranked one out of five stars on a boxing record-keeping website BoxRec, said he would happily watch queer women “get with each other in front” of him.

As the video radiated across social media and queer women no doubt file restraining orders from him, Hawley’s management, MTK Global, terminated its contract with him.

Pro-boxer James Hawley takes a drubbing online after spewing hateful homophobia and transphobia on TikTok.

“Listen, I can understand girls getting with each-other all the time in parties and all things like that,” Hawley said.

“I don’t care,” he continued, “I haven’t got a problem. I’d want them to get with each other in front of me.

“But boys, on the other hand, and transgenders, something seriously wrong with them.

“What in the earth makes you wanna change your gender and get f****d in the ass.

We, for one, aren’t sure what “in the earth” could explain why people are LGBT+. Maybe it’s something in the soil? The tectonic plates? It’s a mystery.

“What is up with you dirty c***s,” he added. “I feel sorry for your families.”

“Today’s scum is no other than ‘pro-boxer’ and really hard man James Hawley,” tweeted Baga Chipz.

“Homophobic filth. What a hard man. Report the low life. What an absolute piece of dirt.”

Cece Addams revealed on Facebook that, after seeing the video, they reached out to the boxer’s management agency for comment. In light of his vitriol, they said in a direct message to Addams, MTK Global ripped up his contract “with immediate effect”.

“MTK Global does not in any way condone or support the views that were shared in any way, nor will these comments ever be considered as acceptable from any of our fighters, hence the decision that was made by management,” they wrote in the direct message, a screenshot showed.

‘This is what happens when you get punched in the head for a living.’

Hawley’s comments immediately drew widespread criticism online, with many LGBT+ Twitter users slamming his blatant fetishizing of queer women as well as his grotesque homophobic and transphobic comments.

Moreover, with world leaders increasingly rolling back LGBT+ rights and murder rates of trans folk swelling, some noted that how Hawley casually broadcast his barbed views to his 11,800 followers captures the impunity those opposing LGBT+ people feel when speaking such views online.