Disney cartoon Gravity Falls confirms gay romance

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Popular Disney cartoon series Gravity Falls revealed a same-sex romance in its final episode.

The cult comedy cartoon wrapped up this week as it ended its second season, with creator Alex Hirsch confirming there would not be a third.

However, of the many revelations throughout the episode has overjoyed fans – as it emerged that recurring police officer characters Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland are actually an item.

The pairing was revealed after the pair threatened anyone who asks too many questions with tazers.

They say: “If you break the rules, we’re gonna zap you. Zap zap, we’re mad with power…”

Turning to eachother as romantic music plays, they added: “…and love!”

The moment confirmed a long-running fan theory about the pair.

Mr Hirsch previously said that he believed he would be blocked from including LGBT characters on the show.

Disney cartoon Gravity Falls confirms gay romance

He said: “I would love to, but I doubt they’d ever let me do it in kids TV. But man, I would if I could.”

The news will be welcome for UK politician Norman Lamb – who is a proponent of LGBT characters on children’s TV.

Writing for PinkNews while running for party leader, Mr Lamb said that the lack of LGBT characters on children’s TV was down to bigotry, adding: “Our broadcasters must realise that sexuality is not, fundamentally, about who you want to have sex with – but who you are, and who you love.”

When asked in a PinkNews interview whether this means he’d like to see gay characters in shows like Peppa Pig, he said: “If you impose arbitrary limits, you’re saying that actually at heart, it’s not equatable. It should absolutely not be out of bounds, which it appears to be at the moment.”

However, Peppa Pig was condemned to a life of heteronormativity when Mr Lamb lost out to his Lib Dem leadership rival Tim Farron.

The co-creators of anime series ‘Legends of Korra’ recently confirmed that two main characters are intended to be a lesbian couple.

One of the execs on children’s cartoon series Steven Universe recently confirmed a lesbian romance between two characters.