President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau come together to celebrate equal marriage

US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have use an historic meeting to celebrate equal marriage.

President Obama welcomed the Prime Minister to the White House on Thursday, marking the first time in 19 years a Canadian leader has been welcomed there.

As well as healthcare and climate change, the pair also celebrated same-sex marriage, which is now legal in both the US and Canada.

President Obama Hosts Canadian PM Trudeau On His Official Visit To Washington

“No matter what province or state you live in, you have the freedom to marry the person you love,” said President Obama.

“We’re celebrating 10 years of taking the decision the Supreme Court in the US just took,” Trudeau told Canada’s Global News at Toronto Pride

“It’s a great day for freedom. It’s wonderful to see political leaders, celebrating this.”

Trudeau will become the first Canadian leader to attend Pride in Toronto later this year.

In November, the Canadian government promised to take in a substantial amount of gay refugees from war-torn Syria.

Trudeau last month announced that he intends to posthumously pardon a man who was jailed simply for being gay in the 1960s.

On Thursday, President Obama’s nominee for Army Secretary, Eric Fanning, was given approval by a US Senate Committee.

Check out the special moment below: