Justin Trudeau impresses yet again as he shows off core strength

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The Canadian leader has proven himself to be a flexible leader as well as a liberal one.

Justin Trudeau has proven extremely popular since rising to power in his country – and he has wowed his fans yet again, after a picture of the leader’s enviable yoga skills emerged online.

Mr Trudeau – who is 6’2″ – balances only on his wrists on a table in the picture, achieving a perfect “peacock pose,” or mayurasana.

The pose is an impressive one, as the peacock represents “big things, like immortality and love,” in Hindu lore – according to Yoga Journal.

Although it has not been confirmed when or where the photograph was taken, the image went viral last week when shared by yoga loving Trudeau enthusiasts.

The Canadian PM has continued to win praise worldwide since taking office last year.

His liberal approach to politics has secured a strong following – with some neighbouring Americans even recently begging for him to become their next leader recently, in place of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In the clip, the men confess how “terrible” the current slate of Presidential hopefuls are, and literally beg the Canadian leader to run.

They said: “All those guys are so bad. They’re so terrible. Please. They’re boring, weird… we have to settle for them.”

While the Constitution states that the President must be a “natural born US citizen”, that hasn’t stopped Republican Ted Cruz – who was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother, but whom has US citizenship.

When Mr Trudeau points out his is ineligible, the men persevere: “We’ll do anything. We’re begging you…. we’re literally begging you.”

Though amused by the pair, he did not take advantage of the occasion and launch a campaign.

Prime Minister Trudeau has put equality at the heart of his leadership: championing LGBT rights and feminism, appointing a diverse, expert-led gender-balanced cabinet, speaking out against homophobia, and making history by marching at Pride.