Church leader claims Nicola Sturgeon will ‘break’ Scotland’s children and make them all transgender

The leader of a radical anti-LGBT Church has claimed that Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will “break” the country’s children.

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon outlined her five-point plan on LGBT rights last week ahead of May’s Holyrood election.

She pledged a shake-up of trans rights, as well as “promoting children’s health and well-being right throughout early years, primary and secondary education (…) to address and prevent prejudice and about healthy relationships through refreshed, age-appropriate strategies and resources.”

The news hasn’t gone down well with Rev David Robertson, the Moderator of the so-called ‘Free Church of Scotland’, who hit out at Sturgeon and Labour’s Kezia Dugdale in an open letter.

He wrote: “We believe that what is proposed could actually be harmful to many children, and will not promote children’s health and well being and will not produce the utopia envisaged.

“The problem is that you seem to have accepted the whole philosophy of gender fluidity. Is it now the policy of the SNP that there are no longer two genders, male and female, but many genders?
Church leader claims Nicola Sturgeon will ‘break’ Scotland’s children and make them all transgender
“And that people can choose to switch between as many of them as they wish? Is transgender now no longer trans between two genders, but trans multi-genders?”

“We do not believe that this will lead to the Brave New World envisaged by the proponents of the multi gender doctrine. It is destructive of humanity and will cause chaos in our society.

He continued: “Your statement seems to indicate that you now accept the unproven and somewhat bizarre notion that even children get to choose their own gender and sexuality. We believe that if this policy is accepted and acted upon, it will result in confusion and brokenness amongst our children rather than fulfilled potential.

“It is a policy that will bring untold disaster and harm upon Scotland’s children. This is nothing less than state sponsored indoctrination of the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society.

“To tell children that they can choose their own gender is a recipe for misuse and abuse. Teaching children they can choose their own gender is itself a form of child abuse.”

The pastor has previously hit out at the official Church of Scotland, claiming it has taken a “stupid” and “suicidal” stance by voting to permit gay clergy.