Watch: Fox News mocked a bisexual protester with clip from Bruno

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Fox News mocked a bisexual protester speaking out against government corruption by playing a clip from Bruno.

The ‘joke’ occurred during an O’Reilly Factor segment in which Fox News journalist Jesse Watters attended a DC protest calling for an end to the influence of mega-rich donors – though Fox described it as a “radical far left rally”.

In the segment Watters interviews a number of the activists in order to make light of them.

When he meets one protester, he remarks: “Are you single? You might find your significant other here – she could be out here right now.”

The protester corrects him: “She or he.”

The segments then cuts to a clip of Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy character Bruno remarking “I’m totally irresistible to gay guys”.
Watch: Fox News mocked a bisexual protester with clip from Bruno
Elsewhere, Watters meets a native American protester – and asks whether the man considers him an illegal immigrant, before again cutting to a funny clip.

Salon tore into the show over the “despicable” segment.

The outlet wrote: “Mostly, he mocked the participants for believing that life is better in Scandinavian countries, or for being bisexual or a Native American.

“Because being bisexual and/or a Native American is inherently funny, if you belong to Bill O’Reilly’s audience.”

A Fox News pundit recently claimed it is “open season” on Christians because the Governor of Georgia vetoed a clearly unconstitutional anti-gay law.

Todd Starnes claimed: “Gov. Deal’s veto was an act of political cowardice and political expedience. He betrayed the good Christian people of Georgia and demonstrated once again why voters are so frustrated with the Republican Party.”

“Instead of bending over for big business, the governor should’ve given Disney and all those other anti-Christian corporate bullies the heave-ho.”