Fathers 4 Justice attack Sir Elton John for ‘denying kids the love of a mother’

The activist campaign group ‘Fathers 4 Justice’ has lashed out at same-sex parenting, attacking Sir Elton John for his  “grotesque” family setup.

The group is known for its outlandish and disruptive stunts over parental rights – claiming that the legal system ‘discriminates’ against fathers and insisting that dads should have an absolute right under law to custody of their children.

Today, a branch of the group took to Twitter today to hit out at Sir Elton John – who has two children with his husband David Furnish.

Referring to a harassment suit against Sir Elton, they wrote:”What happens to kids if #EltonJohn & David Furnish split over tabloid story? Boys already denied love of a mother.
Fathers 4 Justice attack Sir Elton John for ‘denying kids the love of a mother’
When challenged over their views, the group said: “What is grotesque is to deny a child the love of a mother or father.

“We campaign for shared parenting & a child’s right to a mum & dad.”

They added that the biological mother should have parenting rights even though Sir Elton’s two sons Zachary and Elijah were born via an egg donor and surrogate, adding: “We have supported countless gay men and do not oppose same sex marriage, but we will not support contact denial.”

A group of un-affiliated ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ activists previously protested the introduction of IVF, which allowed lesbian couples to have children more easily.

Protesting then-government minister Dawn Primarolo, they waved banners reading “KIDS NEED REAL DADS NOT DAWN’S LESBO DADS”.

Sir Elton has dismissed the “baseless” lawsuit the group was referring to.

The singer’s lawyers said in a statement: “This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment.

“These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff.

“We will not give in to his latest abuse of the legal system.”