Presidential hopeful John Kasich tells victims of homophobia to ‘just get over it’

Presidential hopeful John Kasich has advised people who are the victims of homophobia to just “get over it”.

The Ohio Governor is the only remaining so-called ‘moderate’ in the race for the Republican nomination, trailing well behind ultra-conservatives Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Although he’s not opposing same-sex marriage any more, Kasich demonstrated just how lacking he still is on LGBT rights.

In an interview with CNN, the rich straight white male politician decided to tell people a thing or two about oppression.

Addressing calls for LGBT anti-discrimination laws, he suggested: “If you feel as though somebody’s doing something wrong against you… can you just get over it?”

Wow, thanks John, we hadn’t tried  that one.

He said: “There is a legitimate concern for people being able to have their deeply-held religious beliefs.

“There’s also people who we shouldn’t be discriminating against – we need to strike a balance. I just wish that everybody would take a breath and calm down, because trying to figure out how to legislate that balance is complicated, and if you keep doing do-overs because nobody gets it right.

“If people would just calm down here, I think things would settle down.

“What I like to say is just relax… if you don’t like what somebody’s doing, pray for them, and if you feel as though somebody’s doing something wrong against you… can you just get over it? You know?

“This thing will just settle down, and this has become a wedge issue that can be exploited by people on both sides.”

DNC spokesperson TJ Helmstetter said: “John Kasich can’t have it both ways. Either you’re for discrimination, or you’re against it.

“To tell LGBT victims of discrimination to ‘just relax’ and ‘get over it’ is disrespectful, outrageous, and not the kind of leadership expected from a credible presidential candidate.

“Kasich can continue trying to put a friendly face on his party’s discriminatory policies, but the fact remains that his own state remains a minefield for LGBT people who can still be fired for being who they are.

“As governor, Kasich has done nothing to help end discrimination against LGBT employees, and he was the final obstacle preventing marriage equality in Ohio before the Supreme Court’s decision.

“Trump and Cruz may make a lot of people look reasonable by comparison, but Kasich is no ‘moderate.’

“He’s certainly no friend to the LGBT community.”