‘Looking’ finale to premiere at LGBT film festival

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The show was cancelled last year after poor ratings.

The world premiere of Looking’s two hour finale will be aired at a popular LGBT film festival.

‘Weekend’ director Andrew Haigh is back for the feature, which will be shown for the first time during San Francisco’s Frameline festival, which is celebrating its 40th year.

‘Looking’ finale to premiere at LGBT film festival

Dubbed the gay ‘Girls’, ‘Looking’ debuted in 2014 on HBO to mixed reception and ratings, though it won a place in the hearts of its gay fans.

However, the show – which stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J Alvarez and Russell Tovey – lasted just 18 episodes across two seasons before facing the axe in March last year.

Following the news, HBO president Michael Lombardo told the Television Critics Association that it was personally “very painful” for him to cancel the show.

He said: “I thought the show, creatively, was really doing something that I hadn’t seen on any other show, particularly dealing with gay lives.”

“As a gay man, in particular, I was very proud that there was a show that felt like it was dealing very honestly and openly with gay men and their lives, without putting them into a comedic mode.”

‘Looking’ was commended for dealing with a number of topical issues such as PrEP, substance abuse and hook-up apps.

HBO said previously: “After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special. We look forward to sharing this adventure with the shows loyal fans.”