People are demanding that Disney get more gay

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People around the world are demanding that Disney shows off its progressive nature by giving a character a same-sex partner.

Social media has explored with the hashtag #giveelsaagirlfriend, in response to rumours the corporation may be planning a second outing of the incredibly successful, Frozen.

People are demanding that Disney get more gay

Some have said that by giving a character like Elsa a female partner, it would show children it’s okay to be gay.

Others said it would be a great way to teach young children about relationships without having to get to technical about the details.

When Frozen was released, it was hinted that Elsa’s story was a metaphor to someone who identifies as LGBT coming out. In that spirit, some Twitter users have suggested that coming out would teach children it’s okay to be different.

Check out some of the Tweets below:

Although the move would be the first time a gay character would be seen in a same-sex relationship in a Disney film, some of it’s characters have already been portrayed out of the closet.

In the TV series Once upon a Time, Mulan, Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz have all be depicted as gay.