Steven Universe creator explains why she’s putting LGBT characters in kids’ TV

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The creator of TV series ‘Steven Universe’ has explained why she put openly LGBT characters in the show.

The popular American animated cartoon series has won acclaim from fans for its portrayal of queer characters, with gem characters Ruby and Sapphire portrayed as a couple.

Another pairing,  Pearl and Rose Quartz, have also had flirtations – enough for the UK broadcast of the show to edit out a same-sex dance between the pair.

Speaking to Movie Pilot, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar explained the value of the relationships.

She said: “You can’t wait until kids have grown up to let them know that queer people exist.

“There’s this idea that that is something that should only be discussed with adults — that is completely wrong. If you wait to tell queer youth that it matters how they feel or that they are even a person, then it’s going to be too late!”

Sugar pointed out that Disney films have featured romantic themes and heteronormative love from a young age.

She added: “I think a lot about fairy tales and Disney movies and the way that love is something that’s always discussed with children.

“You’re told that you should dream about love, about this fulfilling love that you’re going to have.

“The prince and Snow White aren’t someone’s parents, they’re someone you wanna be.

“You’re sort of dreaming about a future where you will find happiness. Why shouldn’t everyone that?

“I loved Disney movies when I was little, but I didn’t really feel like they were me, ever.”