This cyclist was rushing to gay hook-up… until he ran into Barack Obama’s motorcade

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New York police guarding Barack Obama’s motorcade accidentally tackled a man on a bicycle who was on his way to a gay hook-up.

The President was briefly in New York this week to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

However, the trip obviously took New Yorker Daniel Provencio by surprise – as he fell foul of the President’s security while on the way to a gay hook-up.

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Provencio told TMZ he had been cycling through Manhattan on the way to meet a guy he met online, when he accidentally managed to enter an area that had been locked down for the President’s motorcade to travel through.

The cyclist, who says he was listening to ‘Call Me Maybe’ on his headphones at the time – but was tackled and detained by New York Police Department officers on the protection detail for the visit.

The gossip website reports: “Daniel was coy about date specifics, but suffice to say the other guy lost interest because Daniel was hours late after being interrogated by authorities.

“Daniel called the guy when he was released, but, as he puts it, ‘Manhattan men are huge on punctuality’.”

It remains to be seen whether Obama will intervene to help the man with his dating life.

Speaking at a Pride Month reception at the White House earlier this week, Obama said: “Discrimination is so last century.”