Trump supporter Chadwick Moore ‘falsely claimed’ he was kicked out of gay bar for being conservative

A New York gay bar has rubbished gay Fox News pundit Chadwick Moore’s claim that he was ejected for being conservative.

Moore, a former writer for Out magazine who has since become an outspoken supporter of Trump and a ‘hero’ of the far-right, made the claims on Facebook earlier this week.

The writer vowed to “dedicate my life to destroying” Metropolitan Bar, a long-running Brookyln gay bar, claiming that he was “asked to leave… because my political ideology would cause a stir”.

Moore publicly posted the bar’s phone number to encourage his ‘fans’ to complain, while an internet mob of supporters also quickly flooded the bar’s social media pages with abuse and one-star reviews.

However, the management of the bar have since come forward to call out Moore and rubbish his version of events.

In a public response, they revealed that Moore was actually ejected from the bar because his friend started a fight.

They wrote: “You have come in here quite frequently without incident.

“We understand that your political views do not match ours, but that doesn’t mean you are not welcome here.

“FACTS: You were asked to leave because your ‘brother-in-law who’s a straight guy from Alabama and a truck driver’ (your words) started a fight at our sister bar right before you came here. Play that victim card though.”

Drag act Alotta McGriddles, who witnessed the alleged altercation at the sister venue Macri Park, also called him out.

The drag star wrote: “The people you were with started a fight at Macri Park and then proceeded to bring that energy to Metropolitan.

“If you’re violent and start fights YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO ANY BAR regardless of who you voted for, how many people follow you and will blindly leave 1 star reviews because they don’t know the full story.”

In an interview with Hornet, Moore admitted he had never previously been asked to leave the bar for his views, despite going regularly in the year since he ‘came out’ as a conservative.

Naturally, after news of the bar’s public call-out spread, Moor took to Facebook to decry the entire incident as a left-wing plot.

He said: “There’s been a highly entertaining, refreshed wave of attacks from the gay left after I announced I was ejected from a gay bar for the crime of buying-a-beer-while-Trump.

“The character assassinations from them have not changed one bit over the last year. All they can say is, ‘he’s just doing this for attention’.

“It not only speaks to the borg-brain Left’s inability to form coherent arguments about politics, but a serious cancer in our society of this lockstep ideology that seems to infect everything.”

He added: I’ve never hated leftists, per se, only their ideas. I’ve also never wanted attention. I became a journalist because I wanted to tell other people’s stories, not my own.

“In 2016, I got a big awakening about what matters to human society and to this country, and I was driven to speak out. I am such a better person, in all aspects, for having done so.

“The Left doesn’t believe in higher-callings. How could they? Their obsession is destroying the physical and the immediate.”

Moore previously claimed that Donald Trump was “the most pro-gay President ever”.

In a statement, Metropolitan Bar said: “Chadwick was not asked to leave because of his political views. He was just in the bar last weekend hanging out, and a week before that.

“Chadwick and his friend were simply asked to leave because of an incident that took place at our sister bar down the street before he had come to Metro. We were informed, and we took action. He was never banned or told he couldn’t come back.

“The gay bars in Brooklyn communicate with one another if there are any incidents when someone is asked to leave or be ejected from the bar, and Chadwick’s incident was not special.

“If you are asked to leave from one bar, you can take the night off from all the bars. We treated it as we do any other situation in that regard.

“This entire social media war on his part is upsetting, but we will not back down. We were just doing our job and will continue to do just that.”