50 people were killed in a mass shooting, and Donald Trump found time to congratulate himself

When 50 people were killed and another 52 were injured when a gunman opened fire at a gay club, Donald Trump still found time to congratulate himself and attack President Obama.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a mass shooting in Orlando which left 50 dead and at least 52 injured, the city’s Mayor has confirmed.

ISIS (Islamic State) claimed responsibility for the attack which has killed at least 50, on the Amaq news agency following reports that the shooter called police to swear allegiance to the extremist organisation.

The rising number makes the atrocity the worst shooting in American history.

Omar Mateen was named as the shooter in the incident which killed at least 50. Born in New York, Mateen was from Port St Lucie, Florida.

As Trump supporters congratulate him for past suggestions that foreign Muslims should be banned from entering the US, and despite that the shooter at Pulse was American, Trump took the time to give himself a big pat on the back.

He also took the opportunity to attack Obama, suggesting that he should “resign immediately” if he did not say the words “Islamic extremism” in a speech he made in solidarity with the victims and community in Orlando.


In a later tweet he called the US leadership “weak and ineffective”.

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Mateen’s father said the incident was not religiously motivated.

The shooter, a resident of Port St Lucie, Florida, was killed after a gun battle with police officers in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Now Mateen’s father has apologised for the incident, saying he did not think his son was religiously motivated.

He also said that his son, 29, got angry a few months ago after he saw two men kiss in Orlando.

His identity was revealed by CBS News, the Washington Post, and NBC News. The BBC suggests that although he was not on a terrorist watch-list, he may have been being investigated for a previous crime.