Actor Simon Callow marries ‘glamorous, fantastic, beautiful’ partner

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The actor exchanged vows with partner Sebastian Fox in Greece.

Actor Simon Callow has married his partner on a Greek island in a private ceremony.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star tied the knot with Sebastian Fox – who he has described as “glamorous and fantastic and beautiful” – on Monday.

Actor Simon Callow marries ‘glamorous, fantastic, beautiful’ partner

Before the ceremony, Callow explained why the pair had chosen Mykonos as the location for their big day.

“I just love it there. But it is also a very conscious decision to embrace a civilisation and culture, one of the very few instances where homosexuality was an actual integrated part of society,” he told the Daily Mail.

“It’s wonderful to make such a great commitment, such a great affirmation of love, in that almost innocent landscape. That pure world.”

The actor was praised for coming out in his book, Being an Actor, back in 1984, making him one of the earliest public figures do so.

Despite originally resisting the idea of same-sex marriage, he later said that he believed gay couples deserved the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

“Some gay people – I was one of them – resisted the idea. Marriage in my own family had been systematically disastrous – why would I want to repeat that?” he said.

“But when I met my present partner, Sebastian.

“I knew immediately that all these years something in the back of my mind had been telling me that passionate and fulfilling though my past relationships had been, they had not been comparable to the marriages of my heterosexual friends, that they were not built for permanence.

Actor Simon Callow marries ‘glamorous, fantastic, beautiful’ partner

“I am a gay man. I am in love with my partner and am deeply committed to him, as he is to me,” he added.

“We intend to stay together until the day one of us dies. There is a word for that sort of commitment: marriage”.