Gay British politician told he shouldn’t vote in EU referendum as he ‘doesn’t look English’

PinkNews Exclusive
An out gay British politician has said he was told he shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the EU referendum because he “doesn’t look English”.

Bloomsbur, London Labour Councillor Rishi Madlani was out campaigning on the referendum for the UK to leave or remain part of the European Union, when he was told he didn’t deserve a vote.

The former General Secretary of the London School of Economics had been wearing a remain rosette, was taking polling numbers at a station outside Ramsy Hall when a man came forward accusing him of not being British.


“I initially started saying, well I’m very English,” Mr Madlani told PinkNews. “I was born here and I’ve always lived here.”

The man would not accept that as an answer and told Mr Madlani he must not be English because he didn’t look English.

Mr Madlani said he was shocked by the remark.

He told PinkNews: “Seeing as I’m someone who is British born and has become deeply involved in British politics as an elected official of a UK political party

“If I’m not British or English enough for him, then I’m sure he’d probably extend that view to many others.”

“I’m 110% sure he voted leave,” Mr Madlani added.

Mr Madlani cited the immigration rhetoric and increased tension in the campaign as possible explanations for the incident.

“The language that has been used can only be helpful in dividing a community and actually London is very united and I see this every day in my ward,” he told PinkNews.

Mr Madlani also believed that the man was an “exception to the rule,” and that in central London “for someone to go up and say something like that, it’s just out of the ordinary.”

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