US Christian group wants homosexuality to be illegal again

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A US Christian group is campaigning to recriminalise homosexuality.

Yes, you read that right. A Christian group out of Maine called “Equal Rights, not Special Rights” is campaigning to recriminalise homosexuality in the US.

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The group, who’s name is painfully contradicting, was created by former heads of the Christian Civic League of Maine – a far right conservative advocacy group.

The leader of the group, Michael Heath, said, “the war is on” after Christians have been “forced” to accept homosexual lifestyles.

“Equal Rights, not Special Rights” is working to repeal marriage equality and are firmly against any public displays of affection by members of the LGBT community.

However, the first move in the group’s campaign is pushing for a citizen’s initiative to get “sexual orientation” removed from the Maine Human Rights Act, which prevents discrimination in employment, housing, loans and in public places.

Mr Heath said: “If it’s removed, what does it do? It very simply moves something, a behaviour that belongs in the closet back into the closet.”

“There is conduct that ought to be punished, and Christianity teaches, has always taught and still does teach, that sodomy is such a behaviour,” he continued.

Another member of the group, Paul Madore, held up a banner during the meeting showing two men in military uniform kissing.

“These are two military men, at least one, and there’s an open expression of homosexuality and sexual expression that is totally out of line for a country as great as the United States of America,’ Mr Madore said.

The group hopes they will be able to collect all the signatures they need before this November’s presidential election.

If enough signatures are received citizens in Maine would be forced to re-vote on a law passed 11 years ago.