Olly Alexander in the bath: ‘If you’ve got confidence and self respect I’ll be up for having sex with you’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Olly Alexander shared his bathtime with TV presenter Paris Lees – chatting about his sex life as a gay man.

The Years and Years singer appeared on BBC Three’s Paris Lees Sex Show to speak about his sexuality and sex life.

He appeared in a bathtub with lees, and explained: “I think if you’ve got confidence and self respect… if you have those two things I’ll probably be up for having sex with you.”

The singer continued: “I shouldn’t feel ashamed to want to talk about sex and try to have good sex.

“If you’re a gay man, from my personal experience – you’re [seen as] like this raving sex-crazed maniac, that’s one of the extreme stereotypes.

“That’s great but that’s not all gay men, and neither are all gay men sipping mimosas and talking about interior design.”

He also spoke about the lack of inclusive sex education in UK schools.

He said: “My sex education was all about how not to have sex, it was all about how you should not get a girl pregnant, which fair enough is good advice.

“Me and my friend used to draw diagrams and be like ‘OK, if you’re a guy and you’re having sex with a guy, what happens when your dick’s in him… what about that other dick, what happens with that dick? Where does it all go?

“It’s too many dicks!”