Data reveals surge in anti-trans hate crimes reported to police in recent years


Police reports of anti-trans hate crimes have nearly tripled in the past four years, British police forces have found.

According to Freedom of Information data from 26 forces, the number of transphobic hate crimes went from 215 up to 582 from 2011 and 2015.

The 171 percent increase has been put down by some to a failing on the part of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Data reveals surge in anti-trans hate crimes reported to police in recent years

Information from 15 police forces showed that only 19 prosecutions were secured by the CPS last year, falling from 22 in 2014.

The Shadow Women and Equalities Minister Angela Rayner said there needed to be a “serious look” at how the CPS and police handle transphonic crimes.

She said the system is “failing the victims”.

Ms Rayner added: “The Government must do a lot more to support the police and to encourage the CPS to bring offenders to justice.

“Victims must have full confidence in the authorities to take such incidents seriously and that they are determined to bring their attackers to justice.

“Perpetrators should feel the full force of the law – but for that to happen, victims must know they can count on the authorities for 100 per cent support and commitment.”

But the National Police Chiefs lead on LGBT issues, Jane Sawyers, said the increased number of reports was positive as it meant more crimes were being reported to police.

She said: “This latest data suggests that confidence and trust are increasing. However, there is much more to do. Better knowledge is key if we are to challenge hate and reduce the harm it causes.

“Transgender people are entitled to respect, dignity and equality wherever they go: including at home, on the street, from the police and in court.”

The Independent obtained the figures which show that the majority of anti-trans attacks have male perpertrators. Women are responsible for under a third of the reported attacks.

Trans women were more than twice as likely to be attacked, the information revealed.

The Government will look at trans attacks as part of a hate crime review.

Launching the review, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “This Government is determined to build a Britain that works for everyone.

“We are Great Britain because we are united by values such as democracy, free speech, mutual respect and opportunity for all.

“We are the sum of all our parts – a proud, diverse society. Hatred does not get a seat at the table, and we will do everything we can to stamp it out.”