17 things lesbians probably do every single day

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Lesbians are great, I’m one. There are some great lesbians out there from Ellen Degeneres to Ellen Page, and no they don’t all have to be called Ellen. We have fabulous lives doing things that most straight people could never have imagined.

I thought I would list all the cool things that I and most of my hot, sexy lesbian friends do on a daily basis because it’s what you always wanted to know!

1 Press the snooze button

2 Brush their teeth

3 Go pee

4 Shower

5 Choose what to wear

6 Do the dreaded daily commute

7 Work

8 Check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/PinkNews

9 Grab lunch/reheat last night’s leftovers

10 Check Facebook/PinkNews again

11 Work some more

12 Do the dreaded daily commute x2

13 Pick up dinner

14 Make dinner

15 Leave the dishes in the sink

16 Watch Netflix

17 Sleep

Basically – the same things as everybody else!