This YouTuber had the best answer when his mum asked him why he wears makeup

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A YouTuber has given the best answer when his mum asked him why he wears makeup.

Vegan YouTuber Georgie Aldous made a video about the fact that he wears makeup, urging anyone who wants to express themselves in that way to do it.


In it, he thinks back to when his mum asked him whether he was a transvestite because he wore makeup in a photo he posted on Facebook.

The photo included him wearing false nails, and he responded to his mum “stop living in the dark ages”.

In the video he says: “Makeup isn’t gendered in my opinion. I can wear makeup if I want to, doesn’t mean I want to be woman, I’m happy being a man. I just love to express myself through makeup.”

“What pisses me off is that they instantly think that if you wear makeup you want to be a woman, if you wear makeup you want to be gay. I am gay but there are some straight men that wear makeup and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Adding: “Makeup is art at the end of the day.”

Watch the video from Georgie below:

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