Gay TV show contestant takes the unusual step of previewing the penis of his date

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A gay television dating show contestant has gone to the unusual length of checking out the penis of six potential dates before going out with them, face to face.

Dan, who says he is looking for “Mr Right”, appeared on the Channel 4 dating show ‘Naked Attraction’, and was the first gay man to appear on the show, which in its first episode featured a bisexual woman and has also featured a lesbian looking for love.


In the show, the contestant eliminates potential dates based on only seeing sections of them from the bottom up, before stripping off themselves and standing naked in front of their date.

Gay TV show contestant takes the unusual step of previewing the penis of his date

Presented by Anna Richardson, the girlfriend of Sue Perkins, the host notes that she has been with both men and women.


Richardson notes in the show, as the penises of the men are unveiled, that a study into penis size which found that, out of 5,000 participants, gay men had on average a 1/3 of an inch longer penis than their straight counterparts.

She goes on to note a study which claimed to show that the scent from gay men’s armpits is different to that which emits from straight guy’s underarms.


The eventual winner, Sam revealed that he has an unusual birthmark on his hand, but it didn’t deter Dan from picking him.


The show won more viewers than Big Brother and BBC2, after it was labeled as “Blind Date in a brothel”.


The new series began with 1.4 million viewers, a 9.1% share of the audience, from 10pm earlier this month.

Host Richardson – who is in a relationship with fellow presenter Sue Perkins – recently claimed that it feels “completely natural” to be with a woman, but also that it can be “far more intense” than dating men.

Speaking to Diva magazine, the ‘Secret Eaters’ star also opened up about her relationship with Bake Off star Perkins.

The couple first revealed that they were together last year, with Richardson saying they have an “extraordinary connection”.

Check out Naked Attraction on All 4 here.