This ‘Stranger Things’ theory will blow your mind *SPOILERS*

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A fan theory about the already-cult Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ makes so much sense it’s blown our minds.


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Accompanied by some beautiful sketches to illustrate its point, the theory uploaded by Uproxx looks closely at some details from the first season of Stranger Things.

It questions some details from the Duffer Brothers series to theorise that Eleven, the young hero of the series who has telekinetic powers is actually the Demogorgon which she destroys at the end of series one.

The reasons behind the theory? Among other things it looks at the meaning of the character Demogorgon, which is a two-headed creature from Dungeons and Dragons.

The original character is both deceptive and destructive – the theory suggests Eleven is the deceptive side of the character and the physical embodiment of the Demogorgon is the destructive.

It questions the blackness which Eleven enters when she first encounters the Demogorgon, suggesting she is looking inwards to her own subconscious, and that the monster is borne out of the fear and anxiety caused to her in the government facility in which she is experimented on.

The theory goes on to point out that Mike is handed a copy of X-Men issue #134, in which Jean Grey unlocks her powers to become the powerful force-for-good the Phoenix and force-for-evil the Dark Phoenix.

It would go some way to explaining that Eleven didn’t simply destroy herself by overloading her telekinetic powers in the final fight with the Demogorgon but that she disappeared with the monster because she is the monster.

Which she states in the series, saying she “is the monster”.

Oh and when she raises her hand to take on the Demogorgon, the monster raises its hand, as if it is a mirror-image of her.


Check out the theory below: