Sue Perkins won’t be on tonight’s Great British Bake Off

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Sue Perkins won’t appear on tonight’s episode of the Great British Bake Off.

The co-presenter’s absence is due to a family bereavement during the time of filming.

Sue Perkins won’t be on tonight’s Great British Bake Off

Mel Giedroyc will appear on her own to present the second show of this years season. Perkins absence is temporary and she will return to the nation’s favourite mid week programme for the next episode.

“Sue wasn’t able to join the team in the tent this week, but she’s back next week,” a spokesperson for the show confirmed.

It’s the first episode Perkins has missed since the series began in 2010.

However, the show won’t crumble apart completely. Fans can expect to see Sue appear as part of the history section of the show which is pre-recorded.

In this week’s show the bakers will be tackling biscuits and creating big, extravagant biscuit structures in the final challenge.

The competition aired its first show last week and attracted 10 million viewers, 1 million more than last years opening show.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are already causing controversy throughout the country as their choice of star baker was criticised on social media.

Perkin’s partner Anna Richardson recently revealed that she shares Sue’s love for sweat treats. Richardson’s size has fluctuated in the last few years but the couples relationship has seen Richardson grow comfortable with her size.

“Having lived with Sue, I felt my weight creep up by about half a stone, just because you fall into that relaxed way of sitting on the sofa, enjoying biscuits,” Richardson said.

The Naked Attraction host has stopped putting as much pressure on herself recently, and is now happy with her size 12 body.

“I just try to be the best I can be without putting that pressure on myself to be a size 8, which is never going to happen,” she added.