Newly-out bishop says it’s ‘business as usual’ despite attacks from evangelicals

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A bishop who came out as gay has returned to work on Sunday – and insisted it’s “business as usual”.

The Bishop of Grantham,  Nicholas Chamberlain, become the first Church of England bishop to come out as being in a same-sex relationship on Friday, after a Sunday newspaper threatened to out him.

The Church of England has faced increased tensions over LGBT rights in the past few years following to the introduction of same-sex marriage in England.

Following the announcement, evangelical group Gafcon branded the Bishop’s appointment a “major error”, after the Archbishop of Canterbury confirmed he was already aware of Chamberlain’s sexuality.

But despite the group calling for his head, the bishop told the Guardian it is still “business as usual”.

He said: “It was very much business as usual today.

“I actually feel nervous before any act of worship because it’s important, but obviously whatever has happened through the course of the week before, you tend to bring with you to worship, so obviously I’ve brought some of what’s been happening this week with me.

“I’m feeling – I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear – tired. I’m feeling that people have been very supportive in terms of some of their response.

“There has been direct response – I’ve had a lot of emails – which has been concerned, or anxious, and even angry, but not very much of that and I do understand that. I haven’t had time to take it all in yet.”

Speaking about criticism from Gafcon, he said: “I read it and listened to the news. I can well understand what is being said by my brothers and sisters in Christ.”