Trump supporter: Hillary Clinton has AIDS because Bill messed around with Magic Johnson

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An actual real-life Trump supporter has claimed that Hillary Clinton “has AIDS” because of her husband.

Supporters of the Republican Presidential hopeful have been sharing conspiracy theories about his Democratic rival’s health since Mrs Clinton collapsed at a 9/11 memorial while suffering from pneumonia.

The Daily Show sent a correspondent to a Trump rally to find out some of the alternative theories floating around.

One man theorised to correspondent Jordan Klepper: “The way she looks, [it’s not pneumonia].

“It could be AIDS. The way her husband used to be… probably messing around with that Magic Johnson.”

Former basketball star Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Jr has been living with HIV since 1991.

Elsewhere at the rally, Klepper produced two identical photos of Clinton and asked people to identify which of them is of a body double.

One man insisted: “It’s that one… that little thing on her cheek is very obvious, and the scarring or whatever it is down her throat is different. This one looks a little bit younger.”

Meanwhile, a Trump fanatic insisted: “Obama is a Muslim, he’s a terrorist, and nobody will ever tell me different.”