Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election

Jeremy Corbyn has won the labour leadership election following Owen Smith’s challenge.

Corbyn has won with 61.8% of the votes. He won 59% of the vote in the 2015 leadership election.

506,000 (79%) of people voted in the election. The Labour party previously estimated that only 77% of the 640,500 people who were eligible to vote would take part.

Corbyn received 313,209 votes whilst Jones won just 193,229 votes – coming in at 38.2% of votes.

A breakdown of the votes showed that Corbyn won 168,216 member, 84,918 registered supporter and 60,075 affiliated supporter votes.

Owen Smith won 116,960 member, 36,599 registered supporter, and 39,670 affiliated supporter votes.

The winner was unveiled in Liverpool, where the party will be holding it’s annual conference.

Owen Smith was the second person to challenge Corbyn’s leadership after Angela Eagle dropped out of the challenge.

The challenge against Corbyn came after months of increasing tension in the party.

Corbyn promised to reach out to his opponents and “wipe the slate clean” if he is re-elected.

In his winning speech Corbyn thanked all his supporters. “I’m honoured to have won this vote, who have given me the second mandate in a year to lead our party.” he said.

Corbyn went on to thank the volunteers who helped him with his own campaign, as well as the people who helped Smith’s campaign.

He also attacked Theresa May’s government. “It is not a new government; it is a new version of David Cameron’s rightwing government.” he said.

He urged Labour members to work together following his re-election, and respect the democratic choice that has been made. He said: “Let us work together for real change in Britain.”

Corbyn has been criticised for failing to challenge growing homophobia in the party.

In a live Q&A interview with PinkNews, Corbyn defended taking money from Press TV – an Iranian state broadcast service

The labour leader recently pledged to put LGBT history on the school curriculum and protect gay bars from property developers, as he launches his LGBT manifesto.

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