Quiz: Can you guess how offensive these anti-LGBT slurs are?

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A study this month categorised the offensiveness of different anti-LGBT insults – but can you guess which is which?

The UK’s media watchdog Ofcom last week published a report on people’s attitudes towards homophobic, transphobic and biphobic language in broadcasting.

Thousands of participants, including a group from the LGBT community, were asked to categorise the insults into a list, ranked in terms offensiveness.

We couldn’t help but be surprised by some of the results.

The categories are:

Milder words (generally unacceptable)

Medium words (potentially unacceptable)

Strong words (generally unacceptable)

Strongest words (highly unacceptable – strong contextualisation required)

Can you guess how offensive people think the terms are?


No cheating!

Check out the answers via our original report here.

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