This video challenges homophobia in all directions, literally

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A group of LGBT YouTubers have come together to challenge homophobia in all directions.

Lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella put together this inspiring clip, which utilises a 360-degree camera to allow LGBT people to tell their story like never before.

It features a number of other well-known LGBT YouTubers telling their stories about coming out and finding love.

Bria of BriaAndChrissy recalls: “When I first came out, I came out to my mum, and I remember she said to me, ‘when am I going to look at you and not see gay?’

“The truth is, I knew exactly what she meant, because I couldn’t look at myself and not see gay.

Chrissy says: “When I first came out I was really afraid of being judged by my conservative small-town community, and I was. It was really difficult to have people look at me in the face and not see me as the person that I was.”

However, they slowly explain that through finding the LGBT community, they were able to come to accept themselves.

Stephanie Frosch said: “I think the important thing to remember is, no matter what the struggle you’re going through, it’s almost like a thunderstorm.

“You may not see happiness at the end of it, but just like thunder clouds go away, the sun is always there the whole time.”

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