Watch: Grayson Perry explores gender identity in short film series

Renowned artist Grayson Perry has made four short films for Channel 4 exploring gender identity.

The Turner Prize winner has long been candid about his fluid gender identity, cross-dressing and exploring female alter-ego “Claire”.

The artist this week stars in a four-part series ‘Born Risky: Grayson Perry’, which are available online now and will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 11 PM tonight.

In the first film, Grayson talks about his early ventures into cross-dressing as a boy, and his journey to becoming the person and artist he is today.

The remaining three films feature Grayson meeting trans people who have different concepts of gender identity but all take great risks to be themselves.

The first is transgender model Tschan, 24, who returns to Brixton where she was bullied when younger.

The second is Geoff, 66, a transvestite truck driver who has opened ‘Tina’s Hotel’, a haven for other transvestites at his Essex home.

The third person Grayson meets is EJ, 42, a transgender fashion historian who is now comfortable in his male identity – but who bravely wears wear a dress for the first time in 30 years to challenge traditional gender stereotypes.

Grayson Perry said: “I am very proud to be part of Born Risky it was fascinating, fun and a privilege to meet and work with three such brave, tender souls.

“If just one viewer feels more confident to live the gender they feel driven to live then we would have done our job, but I’m sure these lovely films will do much better than that.”

Dan Brooke, Channel 4’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, said: “Championing alternative voices is at the heart of Channel 4’s remit and this project perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our Born Risky ethos as well as our commitment to reflecting Britain in all its diversity.

“These inspiring stories have been brilliantly brought to life by Grayson, offering an important insight into the transgender world.”

John Allison and Chris Bovill of 4creative, said: “Nobody embodies the Channel 4 brand values quite like Grayson.

“In a world where hate crime is rising Channel 4’s role to challenge the status quo is even more crucial.

“All the credit goes to Tschan, Geoff and EJ for being so open and brave. Along with their ‘fairy Godmother’ Grayson they’ve made some incredibly important, moving and totally gorgeous films.”

Born Risky: Grayson Perry will be available to watch on All 4 and on Channel 4’s Facebook and Twitter platforms today.