Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien make out for ‘The Notebook 2’

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Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien shared a passionate 25-second kiss for an imaginary sequel to The Notebook.

The pair unveiled the clip during Conan’s show last night, as Reynolds appeared to promote a string of entirely imaginary projects.

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First up Reynolds unveiled his line of underwear made from artisanal ham, before revealing new documentary Dolphins and How to Stop Them, a parenting guide to lowering your child’s self-esteem, and a collection of kids’ songs about Civil War wounds.

Most alarming of all was the sex tape he threatened to screen, Can You Guess Where My Thumb Is?, starring Reynolds and the cast of political panel show Fox & Friends.

But the real highlight was a brief clip from The Notebook 2, starring Reynolds and Conan as long-separated lovers, reunited at last.

After a passionate discussion the pair lock lips – and stay locked, holding the kiss unbroken for almost 25 seconds.

Reynolds also revealed that his upcoming second child with wife Blake Lively will be a girl. He didn’t reveal what her name will be, but fans will be curious after he previously defended the decision to name their first daughter James.

He’s currently at work on Deadpool 2, which recently lost its director over creative differences. He’s teased that the ‘pansexual’ Deadpool may even get a boyfriend in the upcoming sequel.

Watch him practice his kissing technique in the clip from Conan: