Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos burns Pride flag in vile election ad

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Trump-backing internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos has burned a rainbow flag in an ad calling for people to vote for Donald Trump.

Yiannopoulos, a popular figure on the ‘alt-right’, has seen his profile rise thanks to attention-grabbing bigoted comments and his support of Donald Trump, whom he refers to as ‘daddy’.

The high-profile troll was banned from Twitter earlier this year after allegedly encouraging a wave of racist and sexist abuse directed at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

Despite frequently using his own homosexuality as a defence against accusations of racism and sexism, Yiannopoulos previously said he would ‘cure’ himself of being gay if he could. He is also actively transphobic, claiming trans people are “gay men dressing up for attention” and described the trans community as “mentally ill”.

In an ad released this week, Yiannopoulos attempts to provoke outrage yet again by burning a rainbow flag – while echoing Trump’s own claim that mass killings of gay people will be commonplace under Hillary Clinton.

Yiannopoulos claims to bring a “warning” from Europe, claiming: “I know what happens to gay people, that the left claims that it is here to defend. The regressive left is the single biggest threats to the well-being of homosexuals and every other minority they claim to represent that exists in America today… importing Muslims is going to represent significant risks to minorities.”

While claiming Trump is the saviour of gay people, Yiannopoulos fails to address any of Trump’s anti-LGBT policy proposals in the ad.

In a bid to attract support from evangelicals, Trump confirmed he would “consider” appointing ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices to repeal equal marriage, come out in favour of North Carolina’s anti-trans law, and confirmed he would sign a Republican-backed bill to directly permit religious homophobic discrimination – while his running mate Mike Pence has confirmed he would dismantle Barack Obama’s protections for LGBT people.

A pro-Trump super PAC came under fire this week for using a homophobic automated robocall campaign in Utah, to smear a third-party candidate who is surging in the state.

The call attempted to dissuade Mormons from voting for Evan McMullin by branding him a “closet homosexual”.