Alicia Keys sings about a same-sex lover on new track

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has released a new track singing about female lover, leading to speculation she may have just quietly come out as bi.

The singer has two children with her husband, hip-hop artist Swizz Beatz.

But despite being happily married, the musician sparked speculation by dropping a track in which she appears to sing about a female lover.

Fans noted the lyrics to track Where Do We Begin Now, which was included on her new album Here.

In it she sings: “What they gon’ do ’cause we the same sex, and we spendin’ all this time?

“This could be the love we ain’t made yet, even though it’s on my mind

“We ain’t even had the conversation, but do you wanna testify?”

In the chorus, she sings: “How will I know this love is strong? How would it tells when it goes wrong?

“Where do we begin now? What will we tell our friends now?”

Keys has not elaborated on the meaning behind the track, though Gossip Cop claims a source insisted the track was “not autobiographical”.

In recent weeks, Keys has joined a string of stars rallying against Donald Trump.

She explained to NME: “We can make sure that we show up the way we’re supposed to show up and exercise our rights for who we help elect.

“It happens because we show up or we don’t show up. We can all do that. We can all say let’s be motivated or let’s be active, let’s make sure someone hears us for the future of our country.

“There’s one or there’s another. It’s pretty incredible that we have the potential to have our first female President [Hilary Clinton], too, so we’ve to keep it going forward not backward.”