Stephen Colbert’s live election special ‘might have some naked men’

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Stephen Colbert is doing a special live broadcast for the US election tonight on cable channel Showtime, and anything goes – except erections.

Colbert’s Late Show normally broadcasts on CBS, but the network is prioritising election coverage for the night instead, leaving him the opportunity for a racier special on cable.

That’s according to the show’s production supervisor Chris Licht, who discussed the election night show with Variety.

“There is one Showtime rule: If there’s male full-frontal nudity, it can’t be happy to see Stephen, if you know what I mean,” he explained.

Don’t worry Chris, we think we understand.

“For comedy’s sake, there may be some things we do on the show simply because we can. The writers are very excited about the opportunity. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Colbert himself echoed those comments in a separate interview, and hinted a bit more about what the special will show.

“We might have some naked men on set, we were thinking,” Colbert revealed.

“Because it’s Showtime and you can have full-frontal nudity as long as the men don’t look happy about it.”

Colbert should have plenty of material to work with tonight, and will apparently broadcast a combination of pre-prepared segments and entirely live material.

He’s previously skewered anti-LGBT Republicans in a campy musical send-up, and taken on the Texas Congressman who was worried about gay men being sent to Mars.

Plus, he’s leading the charge for the US to join Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile he was joined for last night’s CBS show by his old Daily Show colleague Jon Stewart, who mocked “that angry tax and draft-dodging, little, orange groundhog” Donald Trump.