WATCH: Thousands protest against same-sex marriage in Taiwan

Taiwan protests

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Taiwan to protest against a bill to introduce equal marriage.

Marching through the tiny nation’s capital, Taipei, protesters dressed in white and waved signs that called on parliament to “stand forward for the next generation’s happiness”.

The bill currently before the country’s parliament looks likely to pass, making it the first Asian country to introduce same-sex marriage.

Those who gathered shook their heads and gestured a thumbs down when a live stream of the committee discussing equal marriage was shown on a large screen.

However, supporters of LGBT rights were more positive that same-sex marriage may finally become a reality in the South China Sea nation.

The bill is being moved by the Democratic Progressive Party, which supports LGBT equality, and are in control of the parliament for the first time.

David Tseng, a spokesman for the organisers, said the march was arranged because marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

“Now they want to amend the law to do away with the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ altogether,” he said.

“We are different from the West.

“In Eastern culture, we place great importance on filial piety to one’s father and mother.

“This is a virtue we must keep.”

Taiwan is one of east Asia’s most progressive nations but has been slow on progressing marriage equality.

President Tsai Ing-wen has said she openly supports same-sex marriage and will respect the decision made by parliament.

Last month, over 80,000 attended Taiwan Pride to show their support for equal marriage