Fox News correspondent slammed for describing Hillary Clinton as ‘not necessarily attractive’

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A Fox News Channel correspondent has come under fire for describing Hillary Clinton as “not necessarily attractive”.

Millions across the globe tuned in as Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head for the first US presidential debate on Monday.

Speaking from the event, Fox’s Brit Hume described Trump’s demeanour throughout the evening as “annoyed, put-out and uncomfortable” while noting the Democratic nominee looked “composed, smug sometimes and not necessarily attractive”.

Clinton supporters, who often claim their favourite has been a target of sexism within the presidential race, rounded on Hume.

Others attacked the Fox veteran for overlooking Clinton’s presidential policies and plans while commenting on her (unimportant) appearance, and called for Hume and Fox News Channel to issue an apology.

In Hume’s defence, he may not have meant to comment on Clinton’s physical beauty but her personality – simply sharing his opinion on what he described as her “smug” composure, which could be deemed unpersonable.

Oh, in case you’re wondering: there’s still no word on whether Trump looked attractive or not.