Study finds 40% of transgender people have attempted suicide

40% of transgender people have attempted to take their own life at some point in their lifetime.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Transgender Equality found that of the 17,715 people surveyed, 40% had attempted suicide.


The survey sampled transgender people living in the US and analysed discrimination, harassment, violence and employment of transgender community.

It found that 14% of trans people were sent to a professional by their family after disclosing their gender identity to their family in an attempt to prevent them from transitioning.

10% also reported violence from a family member, and 8% said that they were kicked out because of their transgender status.

Victoria Rodriguez-Roldan, director of the National LGBTQ Task Force said: “The report findings are devastating and unfortunately not surprising.”

Poverty is also an increasing risk among the community as trans folk face discrimination in the workplace.

The study found that there was a 15% unemployment rate, and that a third of respondents said they were living in poverty, twice the rate of Americans nationwide.

Survey project manager Sandy E James said the study has drawn attention to much needed changes.

James said: “Responses revealed pervasive mistreatment, harassment and violence in pretty much every facet of life whether that be in the schools, the workplace or family life.”

Trans suicide is a growing problem in the US, and in the wake of Trump’s election victory in the US unconfirmed reports suggest that “at least” eight trans people have died by suicide.

Trans whistleblower Chelsea Manning recently made a second suicide attempt, just weeks after she was sentenced to solitary confinement for previously trying to kill herself.

It’s widely feared that Donald Trump will attempt to roll back some LGBT rights and protections, potentially even finding a way to reverse the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

Exit polls from the election have confirmed that just 14 percent of LGBT voters gave their support to Trump, with the majority of the remainder backing Hillary Clinton.