Charity scheme set to expel anti-LGBT group over lack of any actual charity work

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The anti-gay American Family Association is likely be booted out of a charity scheme in Connecticut – for likening homosexuality to paedophilia and waging war against gay people.

One of the largest anti-LGBT organisations in America, the AFA maintains tax-exempt charitable status, meaning taxpayers effectively subsidise its frequent anti-LGBT boycotts and homophobic witch hunts.

However, the group may be dropped from a state charity scheme in Connecticut, after concerns were flagged about its policies.

Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo wrote to the AFA last month related to the Connecticut State Employee Campaign for Charitable Giving, which allows state employees to donate to charities through a payroll deduction.

The letter warn noted the AFA’s failure to comply with anti-discrimination policies, its campaigns to “combat the sinful homosexual agenda”, and lack of any identifiable charity work.

The office requested proof of compliance with anti-discrimination laws and clarification of “what actual charitable services the AFA provides”.

Rather than actually respond to the letter, the AFA opted to instead to wage war against the state body.

Mr Lembo’s personal contact information was widely distributed by the group’s radio network and mailing list, with AFA President Tim Wildmon claimed he was being persecuted for “Christian beliefs”.

The state official, who says he has received thousands of abusive messages since the AFA published his contact details, indicated he is likely to revoke their participation in the scheme after they declined to provide any assurances.

A terse response from the AFA said: “We believe a culture based on biblical truth best serves the well being of our nation and our families in every area, including human sexuality. We have no legal obligation to respond any further to your inquiry.”

A spokesperson for Mr Lembo told the News Times: “Comptroller Lembo says he will consult with the campaign committee about next steps and will likely recommend removal from the plan.”

Mr Lembo added: “I have personally received more than 16,000 email messages from individuals in response to my letter… most of them sadly misinformed by American Family Radio about the nature of my letter.”